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Hastelloy B – 2 / 2.4617

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Hastelloy B – 2 / 2.4617

The goods can be picked up by self-delivery at metal depots in Kyiv. Also, in agreement with the customer, rolled metal products can be delivered to any region of Ukraine

  • Characteristics
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Hastelloy B-2 Delivery Forms

Hastelloy B-2 wheel

Diameter 4-300mm

Hastelloy B-2 sheet

Thickness 0.5-20mm

Hastelloy B-2 Tape

Thickness 0.2-2mm

Hastelloy B-2 strip

Thickness 10-50mm

Hastelloy B-2 wire

Diameter 0.5-9mm

Hastelloy B-2 Tube

– Hot Rolled Round Tube

from Ø 38 up to 244.5 mm,

thickness from 3 to 25 mm

-Cold drawn round tube

diameter from 6 to 219.1mm

thickness from 0.9 to 14.2mm

Hastelloy B – 2 / Alloy B-2 / 2.4617

High-alloy heat-resistant steel Hastelloy B-2 is a nickel alloy with a high molybdenum content . It has excellent characteristics: in particular, it retains its working properties and is not destroyed in aggressive environments of most acids.

Sulfuric, chloride, phosphoric, formic and other acidic media do not have any external effect on these grades of alloys both at standard and at high temperatures and pressures. Molybdenum as one of the main components guarantees resistance to corrosion cracking.

It is for this reason that Hastelloy (Ukraine) type B-2 is often used in the area of the future seam after welding. It does not form welded carbide crystals, providing a smooth surface.

Key features

Steel of this grade perfectly tolerates the effects of concentrated hydrochloric acid under any temperatures. Also, the alloy retains its properties and does not deform in pure sulfuric acid. This makes it possible to use this material as tank cladding in the chemical production of acids.

The alloy is one of the few materials that can provide a smooth seam after welding. This allowed him to find a lot of applications both in architectural structures and in complex nuclear reactors.

Hastelloy B2 chemistry





















Hastelloy B2 mechanical properties

Tensile Strength

110 ksi

760 MPa

Limit yield (0.2% deviation)

51 ksi

350 MPa

elongation, min.

40 %

Hastelloy B-2 Delivery Forms

Circle Hastelloy B-2

Diameter 4-300mm

Sheet Hastelloy B-2

Thickness 0.5-20mm

Hastelloy B-2 Tape

Thickness 0 ,2-2mm

Hastelloy B-2 strip

Thickness 10-50mm

Wire Hastelloy B- 2

Diameter 0.5-9mm

Pipe Hastelloy B-2

– Hot-rolled round pipe

with a diameter of 38 to 244.5 mm,

thickness from 3 to 25 mm

-Cold drawn round pipe

diameter from 6 to 219.1mm

thickness from 0.9 to 14.2mm

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