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Bronze BrKMts3-1 / CuSi3Mn1

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Bronze BrKMts3-1 / CuSi3Mn1

The goods can be picked up by self-delivery at metal depots in Kyiv. Also, in agreement with the customer, rolled metal products can be delivered to any region of Ukraine

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Delivery forms Bronze BrKMts3-1 / CuSi3Mn1

Bronze BrKMts3-1 / CuSi3Mn1

tape, strip, bar, pipe, wire, sheet, plate

UNS C65500 / EN CuSi3Mn1 alloy / BrKMts3-1 bronze

Alloy BrKMts3-1 – this bronze does not contain scarce tin. It can act as a substitute for tin bronze, often surpassing it in mechanical, technological and anti-corrosion properties.

Bronze bar or sheet may contain from 94 to 96.3% copper. Depending on the main alloying element, the alloy can be manganese, aluminum, beryllium, and so on.

Special Properties

In addition to high corrosion resistance, tinless bronze stands out for its ductility, high resistance to compression and tension, and heat resistance. Low thermal conductivity contributes to good weldability. No problem for pressure treatment.

The price for a bronze strip, tape or rod is quite consistent with their operational properties, not infrequently, superior to more expensive counterparts.


The unique features of the EN CuSi3Mn1 alloy contribute to its widest application in various industries. You can buy strip, sheet or bronze round timber for the manufacture of springs and spring elements, ship parts, equipment elements for the chemical industry.

Chemical composition of bronze BrKMts3-1










to 0.3

2.7 – 3.5

1 – 1.5

to 0.2

94 – 96.3

to 0.03

to 0.5

to 0.25

total 1

Delivery form Bronze BrKMts3-1 / CuSi3Mn1

Bronze BrKMts3-1 / CuSi3Mn1

tape, strip, bar, pipe, wire, sheet, plate


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