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Bronze BRAMts 9-2 / EN 2.0960

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Bronze BRAMts 9-2 / EN 2.0960

The goods can be picked up by self-delivery at metal depots in Kyiv. Also, in agreement with the customer, rolled metal products can be delivered to any region of Ukraine

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BRAMts 9-2 / EN 2.0960 copper delivery forms

Bronze BRAMts 9-2 / EN 2.0960

ribbon, strip, rod, pipe, wire

Bronza Bramts 9-2 / CuAl9Mn2

If you need to buy bronze in any required volume of a certain type and form of release, our company’s specialists are always ready to help you choose. The most popular grades and alloys are constantly available, the cost of which is quite affordable, and the quality is consistently high.

We offer Bramts 9-2 bronze bars in various sizes and diameter, which comply with all norms and requirements of GOST1628-78 and GOST18175-78 standards.


BrAMts 9-2 type alloys are bronze, the price of which in our catalog is more than affordable. Technologically, it is a tin-free aluminum bronze, which is processed at high pressure. The composition of the alloy contains manganese – up to 2.5%, pure aluminum – up to 10%, oxygen-free copper – up to 91%.

Experts note such features of the alloy as:

minimum coefficient of friction,

excellent resistance to mechanical stress,

resistance to any type of corrosive attack,

Easy to process and easy to weld.

Mostly products based on Bramts 9-2 alloys are in demand in industrial production for the manufacture of parts and elements with high requirements for strength and wear resistance. All kinds of propeller shafts and propellers, turbine blades, spare parts for hydraulic equipment are made of metal.

Chemical composition of BrAMts9-2











to 0.5

to 0.1

1.5 – 2.5

to 0.01

8 – 10

86 – 90.5

to 0.03

to 1

to 0.1

1.5 total

Forms of copper delivery BRAMts 9-2 / EN 2.0960

Bronze BRAMts 9-2 / EN 2.0960

tape, strip, rod, pipe, wire


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