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Alloy bronze BrB2 / EN 2.1447

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Alloy bronze BrB2 / EN 2.1447

The goods can be picked up by self-delivery at metal depots in Kyiv. Also, in agreement with the customer, rolled metal products can be delivered to any region of Ukraine

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Brb2 / EN 2.1447 bronze delivery forms

bronze BrB2 / EN 2.1447

tape, strip, bar, pipe, wire, sheet, plate

Alloy uns c17200 / din 2.1447 / bronze brb2

BrB2 alloys belong to the tinless type bronze material, which is processed by high pressure. They are produced in accordance with GOST 18175-78 standards and can also be called beryllium bronze. The alloys contain at least 96.9% pure copper and about 2% beryllium. Nickel and other impurities are also present.

Rolled bronze based on alloy c17200/din 2.1447/brb2 differs in excellent operational parameters and physical characteristics. It is wear resistant and virtually immune to any known type of corrosion.

The alloy has pronounced anti-friction and spring properties, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity is not very high. It is possible to improve individual mechanical parameters – for this, a special technology of hardening and forced aging is used

Range and application

BrB2 brand alloys are used in the production of such rolled metal products as:

bronze pipe ,

bronze ribbon and stripe,

bronze rod,

bronze wire,

bronze circle,

bronze bushings and more.

Mainly used for the production of springs and spring elements in various mechanisms. The most wear-resistant parts and non-sparking tools are made from the alloy.

Chemical composition of BrB2 bronze









to 0.15

to 0.15

0.2 – 0.5

to 0.15

96.9 – 98

to 0.005

1.8 – 2.1

total 0.5

Brb2 bronze delivery forms / EN 2.1447

bronze BrB2 / EN 2.1447

tape, strip, bar, tube, wire, sheet, plate


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