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Alloy 42N

Alloy 42N

The goods can be picked up by self-delivery at metal depots in Kyiv. Also, in agreement with the customer, rolled metal products can be delivered to any region of Ukraine

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42H delivery forms

Circle 42H

Diameter 4-300mm

Sheet 42N

Thickness 0.5-20mm

Tape 42N

Thickness 0.1-2mm

Band 42N

Thickness 10-50mm

42N wire

Diameter 0.3-9mm

Alloy 42N

Steel 42N is a precision alloy with a given TCLE. The main component is iron, which can account for up to 58.8%. The proportion of nickel in the alloy can reach 43%. To a lesser extent, the properties of the material are determined by manganese, silicon, copper, carbon, sulfur and phosphorus.

Special properties

42N with a regulated linear expansion index, at the level of 4.5-5.5 units per degree, in the operating temperature range from -70 to +340 degrees. This allows the use of precision casting and rolled products in almost any climatic conditions, since the products are able to fully retain their shape, volume and properties in the specified temperature range.


Metal depots in Kyiv offer strip, wire, sheet, strip, rolled products, billets, slabs and blanks from 42H alloy. The material is in great demand in the production of structural elements of electrovacuum equipment, parts of contour measuring instruments that are especially sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, circuit breakers, various relays.

In addition, the alloy is used in the production thermal bimetals, which are the basis for the manufacture of elements that respond to temperature changes.

Chemical composition of alloy 42Н









56.14 – 58.5

to 0.03

to 0.3

to 0.4

41.5 – 43

to 0.015

to 0.015

to 0.1

42H alloy delivery forms

Circle 42Н

Diameter 4-300mm

Sheet 42H

Thickness 0.5-20mm

Tape 42Н

Thickness 0.1-2mm

Band 42H

Thickness 10-50mm

Wire 42N

Diameter 0.3-9mm

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