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About company

» About company

Reliability of the company

The A-Sintez company is a large advanced company in the field of metal trading. For more than 8 years, we have been trusted by leading metallurgical companies, as they have made sure of our reliability. Our main priority is high-quality metals and special alloys, non-ferrous metals, rare alloys. We do not have orders that we are unable to fulfill, our company will supply ANY steel and alloy products.

Wide geography of deliveries

Established cooperation with leading metallurgical companies

Reliable delivery and flexible payment terms

Ability to supply ANY steel and alloy products

Our clients are located in all areas of industry, including:

  • aerospace, military and nuclear power,
  • power plants;
  • offshore and shipbuilding;
  • petrochemical and chemical industries;
  • scientific research;
  • deep sea, optical laser and electronics technologies;
  • general and heavy engineering;
  • food industry;
  • air conditioning;
  • automotive industry.

We offer our customers all the benefits of an efficient, competent and reliable service that A-Synthesis created over many years of experience.

Thanks to our flexibility and experience, a large number of partners and suppliers, we are able to serve almost all the individual needs of our many customers.

Our scope of supply includes not only metal semi-finished products, but also the machining of materials to finished products to order, parts made to individual specifications, as well as spare parts for machines according to drawings.

The company also supplies all types and forms of steel products: sheets, strips, foils, castings and forgings, round, hexagonal and flat products, drawn, pressed and forged, as well as welded and seamless pipes, pipes and fittings.

We always care about the quality and timely delivery of products to anywhere in the world and thanks to the flexibility in work, there are no materials for us that cannot be delivered. Betting on the future, we plan to go further along the path of flexibility and independence, which are among the main priorities of A-Synthesis, namely – reinforce the reliability of the company, and its value as one of the most advanced of its kind.



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